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    Delivery Sid

    Address: 46 Nikole Tesle st., Sid

    Effort, work and discipline, the main factors of successful business, they were the strongest drivers in the heart of Slavica Đačanin to soar in a very nice industry sector in 1997. On the first day of the month of October a fire was started that burns in the grill today at Merak's Grill, and also in the heart of the owner, its agents, employees and all gourmets who enjoy the taste of the one and only Leskovac grill. Like any other job, and this requires a quality starting raw material for further finishing. Workers and skilled hands are always watchful eye of Mrs. Slavica Đačanin raised this little restaurant with 30 seats with a high level of service quality, as it is one guest said Sid can be proud of, and to compare this place with renowned restaurants in many major cities. Continuous savremenizacija and selfless investment primarily in service quality and hygiene, and in another place and looks every part, led to the fact that it is right to say that the guest feels comfortable while in the bar while enjoying the food with the promise come again

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