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    Landscape Architecture, garden decoration Sabac

    Address: nn Ostoje Spuza st., Sabac
    Website: www.lto.rs

    LTO Ltd. is a private communal company that began work in 2006 and is seated in Sabac.

    Thanks to the high quality and professional services our LTO ltd. company became a reliable partner in providing services to many clients.

    By maintaining high quality cooperation with all our clients and having a responsible relationship with our work, our company LTO ltd. continues to provide excellent services to many clients.

    Our services include:

    Cleaning business, office and storage spaces

    - Periodical hygienic maintenance of business space
    - Regular hygienic maintenance of business space
    - Washing windows and glass surfaces
    - High altitude works using a hydraulic platform (cleaning drains and such)

    Maintaining green areas
    - Maintaining green areas
    - Gathering trash and waste from public areas
    - Restoring park areas
    - Maintaining and setting up park furniture
    - Forming green areas
    - Planting flowers and other decorative plants
    - Removing sprouted twigs and other unwanted growth
    - Cutting and trimming trees

    Be ready for snowfall with our winter services

    - We clean up snow from streets, sidewalks and entrances
    - We pour salt and gravel on ice
    - We remove icicles from roofs

    Our vision is to provide you the best possible services and also continuously improve our skills and offer.

    We are here for all your requests.

    LTO ltd.