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    Confectioneries Sabac

    Address: nn Trg sabackih zrtava, Sabac
    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
    Wifi WiFi
    In business since: 2012.

    Adonis is the son of the king of Cyprus Kinira. He was the god of vegetation and everything that grows and dies quickly.

    No he was not even in beauty, and in love with him, the goddess of beauty and love, Aphrodite. Adonis came down to the ground, so it is out of love for him began to take an interest in hunting, which is very much like Adonis. Even his own Aphrodite aids in hunting. He always reminded not to hunt wild beasts, saying it was enough to be daring the timid and the brave, it is dangerous to be brave. Adonis defended his manhood to listen to such advice. When he once left the Aphrodite, Adonis went to hunt wild boar, but for him it was fateful: wounded beast attacked him and killed huge fangs. When Aphrodite heard about the death of his beloved, he overcame enormous sadness. Cursed fate, more powerful than the gods, crying and fell to his knees before the highest god Zeus. She begged him to return to her beloved, if only briefly. Zeus took pity on her and ordered Hades, god of the underworld in the spring to let Adonis from his kingdom of darkness to the ground, so Adonis just half a year left in the underground realm, and spends half the year with Aphrodite on earth. Nature is happy then, dressed in green and the flowers, because Adonis returns and seizes it hurts when it falls back into the realm of hay.

    Adonis birth and death symbolize the changing of the seasons. "

    Adonis fully justified the expectations and trust of many guests. The attractive, lavish, spectacular interior and friendly staff, enables you to enjoy a relaxed an offer Adonis lounge bar.
    Along with the standard offer of alcoholic and non alcoholic beverages unusual offer, Adonis features a unique selection of local sweets.
    Music is adapted to the atmosphere during the day light, ideal for conversation, press browse and Illy espresso excellence. An ideal place for relaxation, socializing and entertainment.

    Come and see the truth of our words!

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