Address: nn Valjevski put st., Mehovine, Vladimirci, Sabac
Sabac Phone: +381 15 518 532
Phone 2: +381 64 35 45 378
Phone 3: +381 63 89 50 610
Fax: +381 15 518 208
4/ 5stars

SZTR "Honey" with the experience of two decades,  is privately owned by family Djuric in Mehovine near Sabac (60km from Belgrade).

The founder, Zoran Djuric, after completion of the Faculty of Agriculture in Belgrade, he chose to be a beekeeper and is engaged in production and sales of beekeeping equipment.

SZTR "Honey" has a production line for all kinds of frames, the capacity of two thousand frames a day, experience so far produced over millions of frames.

Contemporary beekeepers solutions, dry material, precise workmanship, excellent quality, respect your limits and home delivery, cash on delivery or by appointment, permanent recommendation.

Low prices for companies and stores special arrangements.

With our frames beekeepers comfortably and successfully.

In addition to frames and hives is offered and all other equipment necessary for beekeepers.

Apiary with about 200 LR hives enables offers high-quality nuts, swarms of bees and honey.

Come, we will do everything for your success!


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