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    Auto parts Sabac

    Address: 18 Kralja Milutina st., Sabac

    Company Jurko supplies auto parts deals since 1999.

    In the beginning the main activity of the company is the trade of motor oils and lubricants.

    Realizing the need for consumers to one place to get a complete offer with a wide selection , we are constantly expanding range .

    We offer leading brands are found both foreign and domestic producers of oil and lubricants ....
    Castrol , Valvoline , Mobil, Shell , Elf , Total, Selenia , Opel , Ford, BMW, BERGOLINE , manol , galax , optima, fam , NISOTEC , Viskol , exol .... with almost complete manufacturing range .

    Expanding the range we came to a leading position in the region in selling all kinds of belts ....

    Our offer is now already more than 3,000 different positions wedge , serrated , channel , timing belts and pulleys for the industry ....

    Our offer also includes the leading manufacturers of car batteries - batteries varta , energizer , proatomic , firecell , hot , spring, Monbat in all sizes and strengths .

    We are the leading retail and selling pnemuatilka for all passenger cars, commercial vehicles and agricultural machines from these manufacturers .... tiger , Sava , Michelin, BFG , Goodyear, Trayal , Rumaguma ....

    In recent years, we offer complete all types of air fitter for oil , fuel and air conditioning for all passenger and commercial vehicles and agricultural and industrial machinery , oil seals of all types and sizes , wheel bearings , a complete solution for braking systems ( plate, brake shoes and disc ) , shock absorbers for all passenger vehicles , required equipment and complete range of Bicycle for vehicles ....

    Last investments we offer, for complete solutions for TRAP for all Alfa Romeo, Fiat , Renault, Opel and VW Group.

    This year we also fulfill a multi-year goal , opening the modern LIGHT auto service , with two jobs , which we offer customers a wide selection of parts and equipment to complete routine maintenance of the vehicle.

    By purchasing any part of the retail customers receive a free replacement at our service ....

    From free oil change , all filters, belts , battery , circuit board , pads , discs , wheel bearings , tires , all parts of the suspension,which results in significant savings in both the time required for diagnosis , the purchase and installation of parts , and the significant financial savings because it does not pay the subsequent installation of parts !

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