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Rich pear aroma

In the process Kulačin pear invested a lot of knowledge, work and effort.

First it was necessary to choose the first class pears with personal plantation.
Then pears under the watchful eye of expert ripe, to the time when the fruit contains the highest content of fruit sugar-fructose, was harvested, cleaned and stored for the second phase of selection of fruit.
Following the selection of healthy, undamaged pear fruits entering the process of fine maturing in natural conditions.

In the next stage, the pear fruit set aside the stem, seeds and bark of which is fed power of taste and odor and remove all the ingredients that may negatively affect its quality.
This way of premium pear fruit was obtained pure, natural fruit pulp, from which emerged komina.Iz pomace is the traditional process of distillation and with pear brandy stills get sumptuous smells.

Only the experience of tradition, wealth of natural resources and modern knowledge can result in high quality products such as Kulačin find out.

Our families he deals with more than 100 years of brandy and a long tradition passed from father to son.

PR KULAČIN producer of natural fruit brandy.
We registered producer of natural fruit brandy.
With us you can pay via invoice or cash depending on how you want.

In our offer we pear and plum brandy.

pear din 800 0.7 L
sljivovica din 400 0.7 L

We offer a package of 6 bottles and packs of 12 bottles.

In the near future we will have a site where you can see all the details on
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viljamovkakulacin@gmail.com">e-mail: viljamovkakulacin@gmail.com

Our family deals with the burning brandy over 100 years and it is traditionally passed from father to son.
We are located near the town of Sabac in the village of Srem Klenakproizvedemo true only of ripe pear, and it takes at least 12 kilograms per liter of fruit brandy that is baked in a cauldron of wood eight acres of orchard beside a pear and a plum and cherry.

Every year we produce 10,000 liters of the same name of the fruit brandies from 5,000 pear trees.

Residents Sabac annually consume about 8,000 liters of pear brandy produced by a family Kulačin.

VILJAMOVKA the spirit in which it invests a lot to be proud of, and remained the most recognizable and drink of it comes from.

Is a natural pear brandy that is made from Williams pears known. Pear Williams was discovered in England in 1770, and named after gardener Williams from London.

In the nineteenth century pear Williams moved to North America and France, from where it spread throughout Europe.
Modern and attractive, modern and comfortable ........... it would be a brief description KULACIN find out. Water to these properties, depending on the type of marketing activity, designed by the promotion, tasting, fair performance .... Everything is aimed at fostering and maintaining good communication with existing and potential customers.

In the process Kulacin pear invested much effort, work and knowledge. First, the selected first class pears. Then he followed her maturation in a timely moment, when the fruit contains the highest percentage of fruit sugar - fructose, pears is harvested, cleaned and ready for the second phase of selection of fruit. This phase includes the selection of only healthy and undamaged fruit pears to be displayed in the ripening process of fine natural conditions, thus providing a specific smell and taste Kulačin pear.

Since so prepared, pure and natural fruit puree obtained from the husk, which is in the process of distillation in the traditional way a family receives the Kulačin Viljamovka in what we enjoy today. Just a great experience and an old tradition of making brandy, which is transmitted from father to son and a wealth of natural resources and modern knowledge can result in high quality products such as Kulačin find out.

Late summer variety, ripens about August 25 basic color of the fruit is covered the entire surface of the epidermis svetlokarmin red fruit. It also appears remutacija color. Pears should be picked when the fruits reach their standard size and green-yellow color. The fruits are then required to delay ripening of suitable premises (two to three weeks), to the last quantity of starch transformed (converted) in the sugar, a characteristic aroma came to the fore. When ripe it separates easily from the stalk, soften and get a straw-yellow color. Meat pear (mesocarp) is a pale-yellow color, pleasant aroma, juicy, sweet and sour and it melts in your mouth.
In a word: very good quality and variety is considered by many the best of the pears.

Made from selected fruits pears, baking a special way, in copper cauldrons In the second distillation of brandy, soft binding constraint that should be added only about ten pounds of fermented pomace (preferably in the intensive phase of fermentation) and one percent of the firstborn (1 liter per 100 liters of soft brandy) to increase their natural pear scent.