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In business since: 2002.

The plum tree is considered to be the most beautiful member of the rose family, and likewise our own JELICKI DUKAT is considered the most beautiful member of the family of Serbian rakia. 

As a product of tradition reaching back for many years, JELICKI DUKAT is a traditional Serbian plum brew made exclusively using the highest quality plums. The fruit is raised in the personal orchards of the Prodanovic family in Pridvorica, on the eastern slopes of mountain Jelica near Cacak. 

Upon brewing, the JELICKI DUKAT rakia spends the first part of its life in the ideal conditions of temperature and humidity which is specially created in the cellars of the Prodanovic family where it matures to its ideal taste and quality. 

The rakia matures in oaken barrels, usually in batches of 500l. 

All these steps lead us to the end product that possesses a specific arome that’s been valued more highly than gold for centuries back. 

The traditional production process is combined with new developments in the field, so JELICKI DUKAT passes regular checks of old and young distillates, which has resulted in our excellent positioning in the national and international market. 

The tradition of JELICKI DUKAT production and in general plum brewing has been passed on for generations in the Prodanovic family since the 18th century. 

The specific conditions in the Cacak region have created something unique and more valuable than gold. 

You cannot rush perfection and the process is very important, so the lovers of the good old JELICKI DUKAT don’t mind waiting for 12 years for their favorite brew to mature. 

Find out why and get to know this golden drink with a unique flavor. 






JELICKI DUKAT, nn Pridvorica st.,Cacak
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