Address: Omladinska nn, Predejane
Predejane Phone: +381 16 3406 120 (recepcion)
Phone 2: +381 16 3406 116
Email: motelpredejane@hotmail.com
Web: www.motel-predejane.com
4/ 5stars

motelpredejane@hotmail.com Motel PREDEJANE is located on the International road E-75, which runs through Serbia connecting middle Europe and western Europe. It is situated in the splendid Grdelicka Gorge, full of contrasts, at 300 m elevation. Motel facilities: - shop - exchange office - hairdresser - shower and phone - internet Other amenities in the centre of Predejane: - supermarket - buffet-restaurant Planinar The motel offers a conference hall and banquet hall, with high quality food and beverages, suitable for seminars and all kinds of celebrations. Room facilities: - luxurious bathroom - air-conditioner - cable TV - mini-bar The motel offers: - 2 restaurants - 3 terraces - a small banquet hall with a capacity up to 30 seats - a big hall with a capacity up to 450 seats. The restaurants offer a rich assortiment of food and drinks. The two halls are suitable for conferences, seminars, meetings, celebrations...


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