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Motels Zagubica

Address: Vrelska nn, Zagubica
Fax: 012/643-733

In the hotel’s offer we single out: 1. recreational education, 2. recreational fishing on the river Mlava and its tributaries 3. commercial hunting (hogs and roebucks) but h eprices of Hunting Association of Serbia (LU Srbija) 4. fishing at the spring of the river Mlava and the possibility of preparing the caught fish at the spot 5. hiking and picking of medicinal herbs 6. Visiting historical monuments (monastery Gornjak, monastery Trska church…) VRELO motel disposes with 70 beds in two beds rooms with bathrooms, and we also offer to you our well known specialties: Brandy from Homolje mountain, cow and sheep cheese, lamb meat from Homolje mountain and kacamak (Serbian specialty) with trout fish from the very spring of the Mlava river.

MOTEL VRELO, Vrelska nn, Zagubica
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