Address: 5 Drinska st., Pozarevac
Pozarevac Phone: +381 12 532 980
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Prom Foto the photo shop was established in May 2015 as a successor to PromarketPhotoStudio.
We are making photography, selling all photographic items (albums, batteries ..) and photographing of your celebrations, design, family, etc..

We have the 25-year-old experience both in making photographs and photographing of all your important moments in life.

We are distinguished by:
Speed and Efficiency

Thanks to modern equipment, photographs that you make are done in the shortest possible time.

Also, when you take photos of events, photos get very fast, packed in albums.

With us you will have no problem whether you get your photos, our team is very responsible and committed to their work.

All photos are going through post-production, to the highest quality.

They are the highest quality Fuji supreme paper.

Possible to produce the glossy (glossy) and luster (matte) paper.