Address: 14 Moravska st., Pancevo
Pancevo Phone: +381 66 353 853
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Language learning and translation studio PCELICA D in Pancevo began work with the desire to gather all those interested in learning languages and bring the learning materials to them in a modern and specific way.

Our foreign language programs (English, German, French, Italian and Russian) were designed in accordance with the highest European standards and taught by experienced lecturers.

Children's programs
We utilize a unique and humanistic approach to education especially when working with children (aged 4 to 18) which is the result of years of work and experience by the schoolteachers.Applying this method of work resulted in a very successful realization of our curriculum for learning foreign languages as well as other activities related for developing communication and personal development of the students themselves. By making a warm environment the children will be quicker to adapt, feel safe and learn. Part of our lessons takes place in nature.

The are adjusted to the age of the child and their knowledge of the language in question. Every course lasts for 10 month and accompanies the official school schedule (90 lesson fund). The lessons take place twice per weeh in duration of 1hr.

Program for adults
For our grownup students we organize basic and specialized courses adjusted to their level of knowledge (Beginner 1 and 2, Intermediate 1 and 2, Conversational 1 and 2). Every course lasts for 4,5 months (80 lesson fund), twice per week, 2 lessons lasting for 90 minutes. the methods we use is interactive, encouraging our students to actively participate. We also use audio-visual material.

Special programs of business register language and corespondene lessons follow the modern living and business. We practise both language and listening skills as well as public performances.

We are among the founders of the first international club for communication and leadership in Serbia (Belgrade Toastmasters club)

Before starting lessons, candidates take an assessment test.

Other center activities include promoting creativity and humanitary work. We also have musical workshops where the children learn the basics of rhythm and music as well as playing the guitar, accordion, piano...

There's also our art workshop that takes place both in our premises and in natural surroundings.