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    Tattoo, piercing Novi Sad

    Address: 13/18 Zeleznicka st., Novi Sad
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    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Open 24hrs Open 24hrs
    Pet friendly Pet friendly
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    In business since: 2009.

    Tattoo Art Studio Mjolnir began work in 2008 and has been in its current address for 5 years in the center of Novi Sad.

    Main features of our work include professionalism, high hygiene standards, 24/7 availability with previous scheduling as well as professional advice when it comes to selection and application of tattoo motifs.

    The founder of the Mjolnir studio is a tattoo master Borko Novic who has years of experience with working in the territory of Serbia as well as abroad.

    He inherited the love for tattooing from his father who in 1993 opened his second tattoo studio in Novi Sad.

    This was where he learned the basics of his work and after years of education and perfection he waited for the right chance to start his own business.

    When a person wants to tattoo a part of their body, regardless if they have the picture or just an idea of how it should look, the next important decision is finding a professional tattoo studio where you can make those desires a reality.

    After years of work at our studio we fulfilled the wishes and requests of many of our clients and their tattoos still look flawless to this day.

    We specialize in various tattooing techniques which we still use today and which have shown excellent results.

    At our studio's pleasant ambiance we offer the following services:
    - Permanent tattoos
    - Designing tattoos (monochrome and in color)
    - Sketching tattoos
    - Fixing older tattoos

    Tattoo Art Studio Mjolnir has a large selection of motifs and we can also offer you the possibility of unique images or modifying existing ones.

    Our experienced tattoo masters are here to banish any doubt or misgiving when it comes to selecting the best tattoo, making a sketch or creating a permanent tattoo.

    We use only dyes made by renown, tested manufacturers.

    With the desire to meet the requests of all our customers, our working hours are non-stop, 7 days a week, but it is still neccessary to schedule your visit beforehand.

    The prices of tattoos vary according to complexity and depend on agreement.

    Make all your wishes come true - create a permanent tattoo that whill always have meaning to you.












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