Address: 7 hajduk Veljkova st., Pozarevac
Pozarevac Phone: +381 12 511 585
Phone 2: +381 64 324 51 76
4/ 5stars

Expanded assortment of services and expanded space just for you.

So that our clients could feel respected and get professional treatment quickly and with quality in our pleasant atmosphere.

3 tanning salons of the latest generation with the best and latest lamps hybrid and oxyten for which we are certified, 2x lying solarium and 1 standing.

In addition to the tanning salon we offer all other cosmetic services too:
- Japanese eyebrows (microblading, shading)
- Vacuslim
- Maderotherapy
- Silk eyelashes 1:1 method, Russian volume
- Professional makeup
- Chiropody
- All kinds of waxing
- Pedicure
- Massage

Scheduling is no longer popular, we’ll have your treatment whenever you come because we respect your time.