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    Specialist clinics Novi Pazar

    Address: nn Kosanciceva st., Novi Pazar

    Why opt for private patient transportation via MEDISPORT FAMILY sanitation?

    Because patient transportation for immobile and severely impaired persons is done via special sanitized vehicles with the latest generation equipment.

    We transport from bed to bed.

    The staircase and floor where the patient is located is not a problem for us.

    If you are unable to be with your patient or come to the place and institution where the patient is located, the full transport will be done by our crew, safely and reliably.

    Our sanitary transportation covers the entire Europe.

    Our services:
    - Transport from hospital to hospital
    - Transport to medical commission
    - Transportation to the airport
    - Transportation to the spa (treatment)
    - Transport to medical commissions
    - Renting vehicles for sports and other manifestations
    - All required equipment
    - Bed to bed transportation
    - Driver and copilot
    - Medical nurse per call
    - Specialized doctor per call
    - Latest vehicles
    - Option to wait for you
    - 24/7 working hours