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Our company began operations in November 1989, as a "commercial tours", and since 1994 under the name "KIMMEL" Ltd Its main activity is the transportation of passengers in long-distance and international traffic and contracted (occasional) transport. Occasional services we perform for travel agencies, associations, schools, and organize trips, travels etc..

Many years of experience of our company, selected a team of professional drivers, modern fleet, kindness and understanding for the needs of our passengers and guarantees a lasting quality of our services and make the name "KIMMEL" distinctive and us proud.

Our business priorities are comfort, accuracy, safety, desire and commitment to meet all the needs of our passengers, while traveling to cultivate good team atmosphere, friendly relations and mutual respect. Best to respond to all foreseeable and unforeseeable circumstances, and in order to provide our traveler is satisfied to the extent that our services are him and each subsequent election. Our concern is a happy and contented traveler!

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