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Around Djurdjic (a holiday), 16th November 1930, the entire city of Nish came to the King Milan's square to behold an unheard of novelty. On the rail from the railway station to Nis central park, the first trams began to glide. In the open and closed car Nis citizens and their guests were driven up until 10th of August when, for some reason, they were replaced by buses. Nis trams disappeared from the streets...all except one.

The story of the famous Nis coffee shop TRAM began in the distant 1985, when in Dusanova street opened one of the first Nis establishments. The Nis townspeople, full of nostalgia for their lost Trams, embraced TRAM as their own favourite place from the very start. Somewhere where they could meet friendly faces and be themselves. The establishment with its authentic, warm atmosphere was created with lots of love and attention, but it also had its hardships. 10 years after its opening, the building where it was located was town down. However, that didn't mean tearing down all the wonderful memories. In the meanwhile, in 1995 in TPC Kalca, another TRAM was opened and in 2001 the third one in the Pobeda street. Popularity and attractiveness of these establishments even after 25 years of existence is confirmed by the age and professional variety of its customers.

Nis TRAM has proudly been host to many world travellers and celebritie of our country and abroad. Tram is happily visited and re-visited by everyone who ever set foot in it. TRAM is an oasis of true pleasure where you can enjoy a large selection of beverages and over 70 kinds of fruit salads, coups and ice-cream, pancakes and other treats. For all additional information you can visit our website;