Address: nn Slavke Djurdjevic st., Jagodina
Jagodina Phone: +381 69 404 00 35
4/ 5stars

Restaurant "Skver" (Square) is located in the city zone of the long history of Jagodina.

Located in the National Youth Square which remains to this day the center of the city and the urban core of the Pomoravlje region, today it is the place where not only the citizens of Jagodina gather but also many guests from the country and abroad.

Due to our exceptional international cusine, Skver restaurant is the place of choice for many foreigners who visit Jagodina every year privately or on business.

In the location where the old hotel Jagodina was inside which you can find our Skver restoran today, there used to be the "Sport" tavern which along with the National Youth square was the place where young and old people from all spheres of life gathered.

Skver restraurant today remains the city core, the place which with its position, beautiful garden and name guards the spirit of old times.

Skver has a diverse offer of international cuisine, especially Italian, French and Serbian delicacies.

Working hours:
8AM - 11:30PM on workdays and Sundays and 8AM - 01PM