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    Specialist clinics Negotin

    Address: 15 Stojanke Radosavljevic st, Negotin
    In business since: 2007.

    Dr. Markovic, Specialist in Neurosurgery and acupuncture Range of therapies: - akupuktura (all types, body, ear, skull) - oxygen therapy - ozone therapy - therapy of the thymus - neural therapy - blockage of the spinal column (epidural and paravertebral) Complete medical care is applied successfully in: 1. acute and chronic pain: migraine, headache, trigeinus-neuralgia, isialgia, lumbalgija (sore lower back) 2. rheumatic diseases such as: rheumatoid arthritis, Morbus bechtrew, arthritis, lumbar spine syndrome, shoulder-hand syndrome, chronic polyarthritis (inflammation of the joints), tendinopatije (tennis elbow) 3. respiratory illnesses such as: acute and chronic sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, bronitis, asthma, bronhijali 4. cancers 5. diseases of the nervous system such as: multiple sclerosis, status after stroke, paralysis of the face (facial palsy), phantom pain (pain after amputation), eczema and rashes around the waist (herpes zoster), intercostal neuralgja (međurebarnih pain nerves), polio, caused by nerve disruption of the bladder 6. disease of the digestive tract: stomach and intestine liver and gall bladder 7. diseases of urogenital organs: kidney disease and prostatic hypertrophy, bladder dysfunction in women, problems of the transition period (menopausal symptoms), impaired potency 8. skin diseases such as: allergies, sagging skin (wrinkles), neurodermatitis 9. stress disorder as: state of exhaustion, tinnitus (noises in the ears), sleep disturbance 10. weakness of immunity: strengthening of defense forces, removal of regulatory disorders 11. other diseases such as: Meniere's disease (a sense of rotation in space), depression, bedwetting, excessive weight, depending on their smoking, premature aging, state of fear and tension, caused by organic or hormonal hair loss, dizziness and imbalance.

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