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The first clinic in the Morava, which deals with diagnosis and treatment of airway diseases. Spirometric lung test was the only way of diagnosing and monitoring diseases such as asthma and chronic bronchitis (COPD). Maybe you can be a smoker but is one of the conditions that you are normal spirometric values. Late treatment can not be initiated lung volumes and flows return to normal and the deepening of the disease leads to complete lack of oxygen in the blood (respiratory failure). Pulse oximetry measure the percentage of oxygen saturation of erythrocytes (transcutaneous-no needle punctures), and the toughest situation we know when to include oxygen therapy, and in what doses. Leather alergoprobe to inhalant allergens (skin prick test), are recommended for all chronic respiratory disorders (asthma, sinusitis, hoarseness, frequent dry cough). X-ray diagnosis allows us to capture all of the lung and bone structures. This is the method of diagnosis in pulmonology pneumonia, lung cancer, pulmonary fibrosis, lung tissue damage (pneumothorax, pleural effusion), sarcoidosis, parasitic disease (Hydatid cyst), and so on. Standard internist for the EKGom and ultrasonic diagnosis of the abdomen. Inhalation, injection, home visits. Convenience for Business Owners: Monitoring the health status and absence from work of employees. The medical certificate for work on the criteria required by the employer. Since September 2011. the office staff bodipletizmografija. This is the next step after spirometry in the diagnosis of diseases of the respiratory tubes and other damage lung tissue (emphysema, fibrosis). At the same time can be very accurately determine the initial form of the disease, as well as monitor the situation difficult for various lung diseases. Opening hours: 9-13 and 15-18 hours Saturdays 10-12 Phone numbers for scheduling views (035) 230-400 and (064) 15 19 550 Dr. Vladimir Simic occupational medicine narrow specialist in pulmonary diseases