Address: 95 Svetolika Rankovica st., Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 11 411 44 91
4/ 5stars

Domestic restaurants KOD BANDZE
Enjoying the real gourmets!

* Roast pork
* Veal
* Lamb roast meat
* Goat roast meat
* Homemade bread under the bell
* Soup in a bun
* Cooked meals
* Specialties from the grill
* fish

The newly opened restaurant of local cuisine "IN BANDZE" is located at the entrance to Mladenovac in Rajkovac at Svetolika Rankovic 95a.

In a pleasant, bland and airy ambience for you organize all kinds of events:

* Business Lunch
* Working Breakfast
* Celebration of the company
* presentations
* Homecoming
* Wedding dinner
* Family dinner
* Birthdays, birth of a child
* Lunch for pupils and pensioners excursions

You can expect a homely atmosphere, friendly staff, good drinks and delicious specialties of local cuisine.

The restaurant has:

* Hall with 100 seats on the ground floor
* Hall with 30 seats in the upper level
* Spacious summer garden with 70 seats
* Large parking area for guests
* Wireless internet access