Address: 232 Kralja Petra I st., Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 11 823 15 04
4/ 5stars

Confectionery Orient located at 232 Petra Prvog street in Mladenovac.
With their work, our little oasis of good food began 60 years ago.
Our desire is to tickle your senses excellent sweet pleasures prepared with a lot of creativity and love.
We recommend treats for all the senses for which both children and parents eyes sparkle, and bake nodding approvingly.
The tradition interwoven with imagination and recommendations make our place special.
The highest level of quality and a deep respect for clients as an expression of professionalism. We recommend small cakes (10-12 species in kg), walnut cookies, Mignon, vanilla, coconut rolls, cheese cake, corn and cream and chestnut puree and over twenty kinds of cake. We also recommend a birthday cake in various shapes, festive and wedding cakes and cakes for adults.