Address: 1 Filipa Filipovica st., Mladenovac
Mladenovac Phone: +381 11 823 18 26
Phone 2: +381 11 823 08 56
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Elderly with Love

In Gerontology Center , Belgrade, in 1987 we established the Retirement Home Mladenovac. Thanks to the decision of the RS Government of 01.09.2002 we founded the Gerontology Center Mladenovac. The capacity of our Facilities is 310 spots. The institution has double, triple and quadruple rooms for the accommodation of independent , semi-dependent and dependent users.

The building is located in the center of town , in a quiet area , next to Selters spa . Central building is a pavilion type GF +2 . Have a large yard with a melancholy pathways. At building there are work shops and a boufet. The capacity of the central building is 240 spots. In 1998 we also built in the so-called refugee facility consisting of 6 separate houses.

The institution employs 134 workers. Our users are provided with housing , services, socio- psychological work , food service , complete health care in nursing , physical therapy , cultural, entertainment , work and occupational functional activities .

Facilities professionals invest a lot of effort to make life beneficiaries into the
humanize , design , and each user is involved in various activities, all depending on their individual needs, remaining work skills and interests.

Many cultural and educated , occupational and sports activities are aimed to enrich and ennoble personality to our customers so satisfied and to assist them in adapting to dorm living conditions.

Institutions traditionally organized two events: the Prolećnica '' golden age '' , which brings together members from other gerontology centers throughout Serbia and '' Champions '' age and aging in celebration of the month of October - the month of solidarity with the elderly. Appropriate programs marking the state and religious holidays - New Year , Christmas Day , Statehood Day , which is biting and patron
Facilities , Easter , International Day for the elderly and others. Monthly we organize birthday celebration for all those who are born in this month , with a modest gift for them and entertainment , concerts, culture clubs , socializing with members of the club for the elderly, with the youngest in kindergarten '' Birch '' and performances of school children , liturgy and spiritual conversations with sveštenicima.Izleti and meetings with users of other homes , as well as visits to monasteries , one of the favorite activities of our users , and realizes a few times during the year.

In the future the opening of day care for the elderly within the institution as one of the missing service outside our institution's protection in the territory of the City Municipality of Mladenovac .