Address: 1/3 11. oktobra st. , Leskovac
Leskovac Phone: +381 16 218-215, +381 62 414-151

Email: oxfordschool@mts.rs
Web: www.oxfordschool.rs
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The school was founded in 1997.


- All levels and all ages
- All types of translation
- Preparations for the international exam

Our school is located in the center of Leskovac and has 5 classrooms, office and ancillary facilities. The classrooms are spacious, pleasantly furnished and equipped with modern audio, video and DVD player. The school has classrooms and IT that is available to students and teachers how to work independently and training, and for teaching the use of computers. We use textbooks and teaching materials of foreign publishers, as well as the accompanying audio, video and DVD materials. Students and teachers can use a variety of school library.

Classes are held in small groups or individually, and implemented by a team of professors using the latest teaching methods. We work with pre-school, school and secondary school children as well as adults. The formation of groups is taken into account and the age and level of knowledge of students, and they are also criteria for project selection and methods of work that makes our classes easily acceptable and very successful. In any case, whether it be with a younger or "older" students, classes are held as a communicative and interactive process with the goal of students as much "free" accept and use English almost like a native.

We pay close attention to adult learners who need training, and always try to make them, for them, difficult road to successful mastering a foreign language, additional focus and motivate to persevere to the end. With the use of literature as well as through workshops and seminars, teaching team strives to continuously upgrade their skills, advance education and be in step with contemporary events.

Since 2001 the Oxford School has been a member of the Association of Language Schools of Serbia, which is an associate member of the European Association for Quality Language Services. For students this means high standards of teaching and the application of modern methodology adequately qualified teaching staff, a high level of school equipment, professionalism and clarity in terms of administration, regular assessment of each student, the school's openness to suggestion, a clearly defined complaints procedure, clearly structured teaching levels, compliance the knowledge of a foreign language with the international scale.

Oxford Preparatory School is a registered center for Cambridge examinations. Since 2007 the school regularly receives awards for candidates preparing to take the Cambridge exams.

The Oxford School, it is possible to take the report and internationally recognized exams London Chamber of Commerce. In addition to standard courses in the school, there are specialized courses, accelerated courses and classes individudalna.

For children there is an English nursery school every day from 10 to 15 hours.