Address: 85 Hajduk Veljkova, Kraljevo
Kraljevo Phone: +381 36 313 333
Fax: +381 36 313 016
4/ 5stars

Belvedere is located in the heart of Kings, only 5 minutes walk from the center, with terrace with a view of the whole city. Belvedere offers accommodation in 6 rooms. Accommodation prices are as follows: - Single room - 2560.00 - Double rooms - 3310.00 - Double room - 3310.00 - Triple room - 4020.00 *** The price includes breakfast .*** 10% discount for stays over 7days. Belvedere also has a luxury restaurant which, in addition to breakfast, you can use for business meetings, conferences, receptions, promotions. This service is free for those who are not guests. For more information please turn to our phone number 036/313-333. If you capture the attention of this small, visit our website and come to visit us!