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Address: 27/18 Laze Marinkovica st., Kragujevac
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Nectarius Brows Academy Educational Center began work work guided by the idea of ​​providing its candidates with the highest quality and comprehensive education and treatments in the field of cosmetics and permanent makeup.

Now the most modern methods and techniques are easily available here.

On your part, the will and desire for learning, professional development and advancement is important.

Our academy will provide you with the highest quality training in the field of permanent makeup and other cosmetic services at the basic as well as advanced level.

We want to share the knowledge we have gained over years of experience and teach you how to be the best in this business.

When it comes to the treatments we offer to clients, they include everything you may need in today's chaotic lifestyle.

The modern woman should be fresh, beautiful and ready for the new day from the moment she gets up and to do it all in just a few minutes.

Now that is also possible.

You can choose the best treatment for you in our rich offer.

We especially highlight permanent makeup:

- brow powder
- Japanese eyebrow drawing
- permanent eyeliner
- permanent lip makeup.

Years of work experience and continuous professional training and education in the field of permanent makeup have made us highly valued and sought after, because our treatments provide a completely natural and beautiful look on the face, which is the most important thing.


NECTARIUS BROWS ACADEMY, 27/18 Laze Marinkovica st., Kragujevac
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