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Furniture, furniture making Jagodina

Address: 98/1 Kneza Lazara st., Jagodina

Show us your trust and be surprised at the range of products and quality service, friendly staff, and a new, fresh ideas, our creative team!
You'll be thrilled by the combination of traditional values and experiences of domestic trade, with new trends and the latest technologies!

And finally, we promise that you will absolutely all your wishes and suggestions will be respected and implemented as soon as possible, DOMINO interior "is a small company large production capabilities.

We produce high quality furniture, made of high quality materials for your home, office space, catering facility, or any other area that needs to be equipped and simultaneously elevate.
We are engaged in producing unique kitchen, dining furniture, beds, cabinets and shelves, as well as the range of bathroom.

Be sure that our furniture is designed, drawn, and then produced with love, starting from the idea through to the finished product!

Every detail is pre-designed and carefully integrated into the whole. Nothing is left to chance, and unpleasant surprises in our business are impossible!

Pleasant surprises, of course, we have to spare: please note only that each of your order provided free delivery and for our every piece of furniture that's not all! If you have no idea what kind of furniture you fit in consultation with our experienced professionals, according to your instructions and outline the measures of your space, will create a sketch, and then in the 3D software and make a preliminary design of unique furniture how would you best fit.

And all at very affordable prices which, we must admit, today the most important. Let us your ideas into reality! Come together to come up with your dream home! We offer a warranty of 12 months. professional, and attentive.

DOMINO INTERIOR, 98/1 Kneza Lazara st., Jagodina
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