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Address: 13 Lučka reka st., Ivanjica
Website: mivprint.rs
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From our beginnings in 2009 until today, the printing house M&V Print has always had one goal, which is to continuously raise the level of quality of its services and products to an ever-higher level.

We have always strived for all our clients to receive quality printed and perfectly designed material at affordable prices and within the agreed time frame.

Thanks to our competitive prices, quality work, fast delivery times and delivery service, a large number of clients appreciate us and always choose our services again.

As a relatively young company, the printing house M&V Print strives to secure its place on the market exclusively with the quality and reliability of its services.

The concept of our business is based on modern business principles that are aimed at the satisfaction of clients and customers.

That's why we decided to offer our clients the most competitive prices and the highest quality services, thereby providing them with top quality with minimal investment.

We hope that our clients will recognize our efforts and that with our services they will become even more successful in their endeavors, in which we will also try to follow them through further cooperation to mutual satisfaction.

We invite all those interested to browse our website and learn more about our range of products and services that we are able to offer at extremely favorable prices.

Flyers, block goods, folders, bags and boutique bags, advertising matches, envelopes, business cards, letterheads and many other products are now available and will improve the image of your business in a very short time.

M&V PRINT DIGITAL, 13 Lučka reka st., Ivanjica
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