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    Restaurants for weddings Gornji Milanovac

    Address: nn Klaticevo, Gornji Milanovac
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    Works on Sundays Works on Sundays
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    In business since: 2011.

    Restaurant sumadinac their fellow Americans, and dear guests from around the country and abroad, offering a brand new, stylishly dressed in a new outfit room for all kinds of your celebrations for up to 550 seats.
    Restaurant hall sumadinac located in Klatičevo outside the city, at 4.5 km from the city center, near the road to history as such.

    We are glad to offer guests a warm and friendly atmosphere in the style of our beautiful Šumadije.

    We can boast a comfortable environment, where the full capacity we have a nice place to play, comfort for our guests and all conditions to our tuned and highly professional staff complied with each of our dear guest.

    We have a permanent staff (konobre, cook, barmaid, food servers), in a word, a very well-coordinated team that will delight you with the professionalism and service.

    The room is air-conditioned, all guests were provided with spacious parking, own, video surveillance, and distinguished guests, we also provide WIFI signal.

    We are also sharing rooms so that you can also make a smaller celebrations depending on the number of your guests dear customers up to a maximum 430

    We offer you rent rooms in your directed to our staff, refrigerators and modern kitchen, there is a possibility of renting the hall chair.

    In both variants, dear guests get free celebration or teenagers bedroom which you can use throughout the festivities.

    Restaurant sumadinac has six furnished double room for the night and day holiday.

    The restaurant is unlimited 365 days a year.

    You can come and see the facility at any time, announce a preliminary to the number mentioned above and you will be welcomed by friendly hosts who will present you with space and our services.

    Make sure our quality and professionalism.

    Do we just be part of your family celebrations and witnessed most cheerful days of your life.

    Regards Restaurant sumadinac