Address: Neradin, Irig, Fruska Gora
Fruska gora Phone: +381 63 712 3776
4/ 5stars


Perko Salas whose name comes from the nickname of one of the ancestors of the family Ivanic is located on the southern slopes of Fruska Gora, its beauty and attractiveness of the large collection of antiquities such as yokes, plows, mattresses, mirrors and hand-made linen two hundred years old, which is completed by courtesy and hospitable hosts.

The perfect location of farm, landscape and clean air attract many visitors. It is almost impossible to list all the Onon what keeps this farm.

Perko's Salas is the main initiator of the development of rural tourism in the municipality Irig of no small importance is its role in preserving the cultural heritage of the area.

With a friendly atmosphere, guests can enjoy the Srem cuisine and fine local wine and brandy.

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