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Ethno houses Cacak

Address: 26 Miloja Stojanovica st.,Mrcajevci
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In business since: 2009.

Mrcajevci, Cacak – Ethno house “Eric” is located in a small but widely famous place in the heart of Sumadija, in Mrcajevci.

All those who love this area can drop by our “VILLAGE TOURIST HOUSEHOLD ERIC” where we have new residential objects which adequately complete the experience thanks to our famous plum from West Serbia as well as our home-made cheese, cream, cornbread, cabbage cooked in a clay pot, cabbage rolls and lamb, veal and pork chops under the stone, all in a pleasant ambiance, natural surroundings and peace away from the city crowd and noise.

We are located on the crossroad of all roads in Serbia.

In Ibar highway from Belgrade to Nis, from Cacak to Kragujevac, from Zlatibor to Kopaonik.

We remained recognizable on this route both thanks to our ambiance and the delicious flavors of our national Serbian cuisine.

The idea originated as a result of keeping tradition and traditional Serbian dishes.

We have managed to bring together tradition and nostalgia for old times with the needs of the modern age.

At ethno home “Eric” we enjoy song and ‘rakia’ brandy from a flask, with a murmuring fountain and a crackling fireplace we cook on.

The ambiance itself is unique for its authenticity, the warmth from the wood and various details that make it exceptional and traditionally recognizable.

Everything smells of home, is warm and tucked away, not too spacious while still comfortable and open for any company.

At the entrance to the restaurant there is the first covered terrace, in the shade, pleasant for sitting even during warm and sunny days.

ETHNO HOUSE ERIC, 26 Miloja Stojanovica st.,Mrcajevci
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