Address: Divcibare
Divcibare Phone: +381 14 277 324
Phone 2: +381 63 783 3685
Fax: +381 14 277 328
4/ 5stars HOTEL BOB-PETOSEVIC DIVCIBARE. On only two hours ride by car from Belgrade there is a beautiful Maljen Mountain, better known as Divcibare. At the altitude of 1000m, with mild climate, Divcibare is the right choice for all those that wish to escape the city fuss and spend their free time in absolute peace and quiet. Beautiful walking paths, plenty of forest fruits, wild flowers, and real plantations of mushrooms attract numbers of tourists to this mountain for decades. According to the study from the Belgrade Climatologic Institute Divcibare is marked as the unique air spa in Europe. A newly opened hotel BOB-PETOSEVIC on Divcibare has not only exquisite service and good location but also great looks. The hotel consists of 23 comfortable, luxurious rooms, 12 studio suites. Each room and suite has a TV set, DVD player, satellite program on TV, internet connection and a mini bar. The restaurant that can receive 80 people is aplace where you can enjoy in specialties of international cuisine and in specialties of the region of Uzice and Valjevo. A café-bar that can receive 50 people, a summer garden for 80 people, a conference room, a parking space for 40 vehicles also belong to the hotel. One of the characteristics of the hotel are also good prices: children, age to 3 –free of charge; for children age from 3-8 60% of price, children aged 8-12 70% of price. Come and enjoy in exquisite quality of service. Reception phone: 065/555-65-20 Hotel manager: 063/800-9000


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