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    Shipping, road transport Cacak

    Address: 44 Nikole Tesle st., Cacak
    Website: www.topgan.rs
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    In business since: 1990.
    Through an administrative ban / installment


    “Top Gan” ltd. is a company founded by Dragan Topalovic in 1990 in Cacak.

    Over time, our company has in time expanded with new members such as “Top Gan Comerc” (1993) and Top Gan Insurance (1996).

    With privatization of public companies, Top Gan in 2003 added several more companies with similar domains and services (transport, production, hospitality and tourism) and formed Top Gan Group.

    Top Gan Group today includes multiple companies and forms a medium-sized groupation.

    The seat of the groupation is distributed in two locations in Cacak.

    Continuous successful business was developed thanks to our modern day work methods and organization as well as applying world-wide experience and knowledge with a professional staff who react quickly, efficiently and boldly.

    The results we achieved have created a great precedent for the entire’s system stable business.

    The vision of our Top Gan Group is to make work easier, better and nicer with the help of our brands and technologies.

    Our business has a high level of efficiency that allows us to turn our vision into reality.

    The success of our Top Gan Group business is largely based on the ability of its founder Mr. Topalovic and other employees to always see into the future and give a lot of their attention to each individual project.

    This way Top Gan Group creates new ideas and applies innovations which contribute to our entire group’s work.

    The members of Top Gan Group provide highest quality products and services, giving opportunities for buyers and providers to achieve even better business cooperation and market position.

    Top Gan Group realizes its activities through Top Gan Transport (international transport) and several shareholder’s companies specializing in the following:

    - Making self-adhering stickers

    - Issuing business and storage space

    - Hospitality services

    - Stock market brokering

    - Tourist services in 14 branches around Serbia

    - Transporting passengers and free rides

    - Producing high quality bait for fishing sports

    The city of Cacak is the seat of the Top Gan Groupation that consists of several successful companies.

    Top Gan Transport is one of the leading transportation companies in the region.

    In the domain of tourism an important spot belongs to the company Autoprevoz Turist.

    The company Grafopromet works in the domain of graphical services and business space rental.

    Autoprevoz GM is another leader in the domain of tourism and hospitality.

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