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Shipping, road transport Cacak

Address: 13 Birčaninova st., Cacak
Viber: 060/580-20-60
Whatsapp: 060/580-20-60
Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
In business since: 2004.

Mattina Nuova ltd. seated in Cacak as a family company has been in in business since 2004 under a different name and as of 2014 under our current name.

We work in goods transportation, mostly textile but also other types of goods.

In addition to this we provide transport organization services for our clients.

We transport on the territory of Italy.

The services of transportation are done in the shortest possible time and it’s precisely our efficiency that sets us apart.

In order to guarantee the shortest possible times of delivery, Mattina Nuova transports the goods every day.

We gained the trust of years-long partners with high quality services and reliability.

Our vehicles are maintained regularly and are equipped with all necessary equipment for the purpose of performing all the tasks you set before us.

Our employees have vast experience in this area and approach their tasks with professionalism and responsibility.

We have vehicles with the following capacities: 2,5t, 4,5t, 6t and 8,5t.

The largest producers rely on our transportation services.

Permanent contracts and regular customers’ loyalty are things we earned by respecting every contract we ever signed.

With a well-equipped vehicle fleet and trucks which are adequately equipped for transporting goods, we can respond to the needs of all our clients.

Send us a request for transportation and we will quickly reply with a high quality offer thanks to our logistics team.

MATTINA NUOVA LTD, 13 Birčaninova st., Cacak
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