Address: 40 Loznicki put st., Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 61 323 19 79
Phone 2: +381 61 688 56 74
Phone 3: +381 61 812 75 71
4/ 5stars

Car service "Puzic" is located in Cacak.


We service and install parts for vehicle brands:

- Volkswagen 
- Audi 
- Skoda 
- Seat 
- Porsche.

With us you can order and buy new and used parts.


Car service "Puzic" offers car servicing ranging from the smallest problems to large servicing and general engine maintenance.


Within our service we also do car diagnostics according to the latest standards.


Car service Puzic has a towing service that offers transportation services for your vehicle.


In addition to servicing and selling car parts we also have a car lot with used cars.


Come and see the quality of our services.