Address: nn Turbusani, Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 32 392 180
Fax: +381 32 391 361
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The company "ATM TRIO" was established in June 2005 as a private company, bringing together three reputable mechanical workshop "ATM", "IN" and "RADOJEVIĆ". The corporate headquarters is in Trbušani, 5km north west of Cacak,  Serbia. 20 years of joint workshops crowned with the establishment of a stable of enterprises capable to meet the varied requirements of the market for tools, equipment and devices. Defined at the beginning of the business-orientation development through new products and a corresponding increase in production.

ATM TRIO today represents Serbian company for the production of tools and equipment in the field of PVC and Al doors.

ATM Trio people.

The company "ATM TRIO" employs more than 30 people from various fields of koih about 50% are professionals with over 20 years experience. Business organization covers all phases of the product realization through self-development, procurement, production, marketing and sales.

ATM TRIO secrets of success 100% private ownership structure and flexible business organization: profit-oriented management, tradition and skills to efficiently run business ii ATM TRIO make a suitable partner for business cooperation in different areas and at different levels.

Production: Available material resources, experience and qualifications of the employees obezbeđujuefikasno mastering production of new equipment, the establishment and maintenance of serial production, service-regeneration sharpening tools, and services on modern CNC turning lathe.

Quality Standard: In all aspects of business are the requirements for quality assurance that is designed on the basis of ISO 9000, which is the documented procedures and work in, and strict application, providing high quality products.

Export potential: Most products have export potential, and some of them have already secured the markets of Germany, Austria, Hungary, Bulgaria, Romania, Bosnia, Croatia and Macedonia.