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Cacak Phone: +381 32 374 444, +381 32 320 550
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The company “Slovas” ltd. began work on 4th of February 1993.

Our main activity is trading in stainless steels – inox materials and producing equipment depending on our buyer’s demands and needs.

We currently provide services for over 9,500 buyers, offering them over 21,000 articles in our offer.

We deal in stainless steel – inox materials such as:

- Tin
- Pipes
- Poles
- Flax
- Square steel plates

In addition to trade, our company “SLOVAS” also works in projecting and producing equipment as well as various works related to our field.

We are equipped to produce the latest generation equipment for the following industry branches: food industry, chemical industry, construction industry, machine industry, mining industry and various others.

In 2008, our SLOVAS company opened its latest modern service center for stainless steel inox material processing, containing the following:

- CNC machine for cutting materials via water jets
- CNC machine for laser material bending
- CNC machine press for bending materials
- CNC machine scissors
- CNC machine for polishing round materials
- CNC machine for polishing square materials
- CNC machine circular tin polishing

With all our equipment we became the absolute leader in our field in the territory of Serbia and we can respond to absolutely any technical demand so that our buyers can get both the materials and finished products in one place.

Slovas ltd. works in accordance with the highest modern business standards which put the needs of our buyers in the first place.

The mission of our Slovas ltd. company is to use our strong business strategy to provide our buyers and partners with the best solutions.

Our company strives to create a recognizable brand of materials whose quality will be proven by customer satisfaction.

When it comes to our employees, we strive to provide a stimulating work environment, motivating and inspiring them to achieve the best possible results and all their business goal.

As a company we promote socially responsible business practices.

Slovas ltd. puts in maximum effort into maintaining the highest possible standards of quality in terms of products and services.

Our excellent services have earned us the trust of many buyers, which is the key to our success.

Our company SLOVAS is certified under the number TUV – ISO 9001-2008.

Save time and money with us – SLOVAS