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Metalprocessing, metalworking Cacak

Address: 106 Bulevar Oslobodjenja st., Cacak
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In business since: 04.02.1993.
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Our company Slovas 'ltd' began work on 4th of February 1993.

Our main activity involves trade in non-rusting steel such as inox materials. We also produce equipment as our clients demand for their own needs.

At this time we are cooperating with over 9500 satisfied clients with great success, offering over 21000 articles in our offer.

We sell various products made with inox materials - non-rusting steel:
- Tin
- Pipes
- Poles
- Flahs
- Firkants
- L profiles as well as all additional equipment and materials.

The company Slovas also offers the services of equipment production, projecting and works.

We own the latest technology and methods for producing equipment for various industries such as chemistry, machine, food, mining and other industries.

As of the year 2008, our company Slovas has started the latest service center for Inox material processing with the following elements:

- CNC upcant press for material bending
- CNC scissors
- CNC machine for polishing round materials
- CNC machine for polishing square materials
- CNC circular tin polishing
- CNC machine for water-jet cutting
- CNC machine for laser cutting

Thanks to these advancements, we can reliably say that we have remained the absolute leaders in our market, able to respond to any technological or technical requests. We are able to provide to our clients and customers completed products and materials in one place.

In our work, "Slovas ltd." is guided by the latest modern standards in our domain of work, always making our clients needs a priority. Our main mission is to use our strong business strategy to provide the best solutions to our partners and clients. We would like to make sure that the recognizability of our brand lies on the success and satisfaction of our buyers thanks to the high-quality products that we offer.

When it comes to the work conditions of our team, we can proudly state that we provide our employees with a stimulating work environment where our goal is to inspire them to reach for and achieve their desired results and business goals. We do our best to nurture responsible social business practices in whatever capacity we can as a company.

We invest our maximum into our services and products in order to maintain and further improve our highest quality standards.

Our goal and inspiration is the satisfaction of our clients.

SLOVAS DOO, 106 Bulevar Oslobodjenja st., Cacak
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