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    Distilleries Cacak

    Address: Donja Trepca, Cacak

    To deal with this kind of business, one must have the luck to be born in a flash on the southern slopes of the mountain Vujan (Bukovik blades) and that he was close to buying fruits and Suvobor mine, and the fiddle, rowan and pear Takis Goc.
    All the gaunt fruit before putting it into a vat iskoščiti, eliminates the firstborn and patoči.
    The quality that we have achieved is the result of proven combination of old cultivars: Red shumadinka (rank) Požegačka (Madžarka) and piskavac (Trnovača), and confirmation that the Large Gold Medal with the 75th International Agricultural Fair in Novi Sad.
    Brandy from:
    - plum
    - quince
    - Pears Takis
    - Williams pears
    - cornelian cherries
    - sloes
    - apricot
    - Peaches
    - Vine. šeptelije
    - Cherries
    - Melons
    - blackberries
    - apples
    - nut
    - bananas
    - Wild strawberries
    - herbal

    From 2005 to 2014, champion of the quality of all the spirits that were presented to the international evaluation.