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Address: 68 Milisava Petrovića street, Parmenac, Cacak
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Pleasant ambiance restaurant owes to its play of light that it collects from the river, creating a unique atmosphere, both in the restaurant and the terrace that lies over the Morava river, so that visitors remain fascinated and before they taste the magic cuisine. In an unusually pleasant interior, up to 200 guests. can enjoy restaurant \"PRINCESS\" on two levels. The upper part of which is the level streets can accommodate 80 guests, and their taste and unofficiousness gives the specific spirit of classic elegance to the restaurant\'s kitchen spawn national heritage through contemporary needs guests. Tim expectancy before the other, lower-level \"Kneginja\" reveals the curious eye. Spacious rooms overlooking the river, punch ceiling light with wrought iron chandeliers and a variety of elegant details. All these details make each moment spent in this environment remains permanently recorded in the treasury of memories as moment in which time has stopped and only the smell and taste of perfectly prepared food with excellent service and hospitality staff remain always remembered as the best welcome a number of domestic and foreign guests. The restaurant is comfortable and 6 suites. Room structure is adapted to the different needs of our customers. The rooms are modern and contemporary equipped (bathroom, air conditioning, telephone, TV, internet), so they are suitable for both short and long stay in our facility and facilitate modern life to the man who is separated from the home and office. We provide services for accommodation, living room or monthly rental beds. BUSINESS MEETINGS AND PRESENTATIONS Unique content, the beauty of the atmosphere, choice of food and drinks this restaurant offers the possibility for both families and business lunches and dinners, and for the celebrations marking and all other important dates ..

RESTAURANT KNEGINJA, 68 Milisava Petrovića street, Parmenac, Cacak
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