Address: 153 Bulevar Oslobodilaca st., Cacak
Cacak Phone: +381 32 353 308
Phone 2: +381 69 816 00 81
Phone 3: +381 69 151 00 81
4/ 5stars

Family firm founded in 1986 with the center in Cacak.

The main activity is the design, manufacture and installation of joinery and furniture.

Thanks to the high quality products we quickly gained the trust of domestic and foreign customers.

In 2002 Joinery Bogdanović moves to a new production area.

Within the building there is a production workshop, paint shop and office space with a small showroom.

Our workshop is equipped with modern tools and machinery. Our machines consist of two format saw blades, stone throwers, two thickeners, stone Multi-spindle drills, sanders, format presses and a lot of electric and pneumatic tools. All the machines are connected to the central suction dust that is collected and used for fuel.

2008 in the manufacture we introduced CNC (Computer Numerical Control) technology whose application is greatly changing the way of making the majority of products.

CNC technology allows greater precision and product quality while reducing development time makes us more competitive in the market.

In addition to all of this CNC technology enables the processing stage that is impossible on other machines, thereby expanding the range of services and products.

We use 4-axis CNC machining center manufacturer Biesse. The machine of these characteristics and capabilities represents the top technology of wood processing.

Our paint shop is equipped with the air chamber, which guarantees flawless quality of surface treatment. We use paints and varnishes well-known manufacturers and tirelessly follow the latest trends in surface treatment and related technologies.

The paintshop has been designed in accordance with European standards when it comes to preserving the environment, but for many years using a plan of ecological waste disposal.


The showroom is part of the offer of our products that we produce in our workshop.
In the salon you can see wood and aluminum profiles, profile drvoaluminijum windows, doors from wood aluminum profiles, patio doors from the same profiles, doors, simple standby - the front door as well as other accompanying program to install our products (hinges, locks, blinds, shutters ...).