Address: nn Berkovac, Banja Vrujci
Banja Vrujci Phone: +381 64 444 33 39
Phone 2: +381 62 678 333
Phone 3: +381 60 678 33 39, +381 62 678 444
4/ 5stars

Villa Petra is situated in the strictest center of Banja Vrujci. Positioned between the private spa center "Prva Nova Banja" and the complex state of the pool of the hotel "Vrujci".
Near the villa Petre is a health center with specialized clinics for massage and physical therapy with curative mud.
In the environment there are several private offices.
Within 300 meters there are several restaurants with national cuisine with extremely reasonable prices and boarding services.
The villa is surrounded by greenery.
All the facilities in the villa are intended only for guests of the villa Petre so that guests can enjoy in peace and privacy.
Vila Petra has its own pool with healing spa water. The pool is closed intended only for guests of the villa.
The pool is located on the southwest side so it is sunny all day.
The dimensions of the pool are 12m x 6m x 1.5m
Around the pool there are deck chairs, umbrellas and canopies. Working hours are from 0-24 so that our guests enjoy a night swim.
2. whirlpool bathtub and Jacuzzi
Vila Petra owns a hot tub and a hot tub that is filled exclusively medicinal spa water.
Users of these facilities except užiiivanja and relaxation can feel the benefits of mineral water.
Vila Petra possesses its own sauna located in a log cabin.
Log Cabin is located in the quietest part of the complex of villas Petre, so guests can relax and enjoy.
In the cabin there is also a private room for all kinds of massage.
Vila Petra has its own restaurant-cafeteria.
It consists of two parts.
One part of it is closed and air-conditioned, and the other is in the open air, surrounded by flowers and greenery.
This space is intended for rest and relaxation.
Playroom is located in a separate part of the villa Petre.
The children can use trombolina, home of fairy tales, the sand which is fenced, and which are regularly clean, and a large number of creative toys.
Next to the playroom there is a space under the canopy where parents can relax while the kids enjoy the game.
The accommodation capacity
1. Single -1
2. Double -6
3. Triple -1
4. Quadruple -1
All rooms at the Villa Petra have private bathroom, separate terrace with table and chairs, plasma TV, cable TV, free internet, mini fridge.
1.- Single Room
Located on the ground
2.- Triple Room
Located on the ground
French bed + single bed
The room is air-conditioned
Double Room 3.-
Located on the ground
French bed
The room is air-conditioned
4.- double room
Located on the ground
double bed
The room is air-conditioned
5.- double room
I sprat
Two single beds
6.- Double Room
I sprat
Two single beds
7.- Double Room
I sprat
double bed
8.- double room
I sprat
Two single beds
Quadruple Room 9.-
I sprat
Two double beds
The room is air-conditioned