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VNV-Print printing house offers various printing services.

Depending on the type of product you would like to print and also its intention, kind of material, shape etc., we will offer you the best possible solution in screen, digital, tampon or laser printing.

At our VNV-Print company we have a special sector for printing so that our client can reach the desired graphical solution for their products in one place and get the finished item as quickly as possible.

Screen printing

In the area of screen printing we give priority to textile printing but of course we can also fulfill your request regarding other materials.

Following the "all in one place" principle we offer our clients idea, design and technical solutions in order to reach the final product which is competitive on the market.

Large format printing

Large format printing involves printing on all kinds of foil for interior and exterior use.

Printing posters, billboards, branding windows and complete establishments, branding vehicles, stickers, printing on canvases and printing wallpapers as well as many other options.

Web applications

NEW! We are now able to provide web design services for your web presentations or applications.

We maintain the highest standards in web-design, allowing us to create appealing and fluid websites that can be browsed on any device!

We also create CMS systems adjusted to your specific needs and much more.

In production we use HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL and bind all of that in BootStap form.

Promotional material

We offer over 4000 articles for promotional purposes such as calendars, planners, pens, lighters...

All these with your company's name and logo or promotional info per your request.

In addition we also offer textile (t-shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, vests...), office material, usb, home sets, tools, keychains, bags, hats and much more.

Our entire offer for promotional materials can be found on our website in the "promobox" section or in our printed promobox catalogue.

Prepare in time for incoming holidays. Pick the best options for yourself and people you will give your promotional materials.

VNV Print is there to provide this for you!.

Years of experience and constant improvement have brought us to the highest quality of services which led to a large number of satisfied regular clients.

The satisfaction and trust of our clients speaks enough of the way we work, our skills and experience.

We constantly aim to fulfill all your expectations regarding quality, prices and deadlins but also style, functionality and innovation.

Our primary services include but are not limited to screen-printing textile in one or more colors and separation.

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