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The grapevine has long attracted the attention of the man its delicious fruit that could be used directly as food or preredivati in other foodstuffs. Certainly the most important product of grape wine. According to early findings of the wine and drink products from the very beginning of mankind. Wine is teaching a special significance in the religious rites of most religions, especially in Christianity.

Balkan region has from time immemorial possessed vines, so that the Balkan countries are classified among the major producers of wine and grapes, among these countries and Serbia. A special place in Serbia occupies Parish. In the Parish of the intertwined history of mythology, tradition. Interlaces the climate is God given, and the flight is not hot, nor cold winters, where the sun continually caressing Župske hills. The parish is known for its plains, but these are not fields, so that some ignorant thought. Meadow, the village where he lives, no one except, perhaps good spirits and wine vineyards.

Such as hills, among which is where the Prokop family with great love Pljakić grown grapes. All wine cellar Pljakić created the finest selection of grapes from their vineyards obtained.

These wines are characterized by a pleasant flavor and varietal specific noise characteristics.