Address: nn Zeleznicka st, Zrenjanin
Zrenjanin Phone: +381 23 515 686
Phone 2: +381 23 515 795
Fax: +381 23 515 794
Email: info.fulgar@fulgareast.rs
Web: www.fulgar.com
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Fulgar East Ltd is part of Zrenjanin Fulgar Group, the largest European manufacturer of synthetic yarn.

Fulgar is an Italian company, the leader in the production of yarn based on polyamide and elastane yarn wrapped.

Decision to invest in Serbia and the construction of a synthetic yarn was made in early 2006. It represents a significant investment in the textile industry.

Zrenjanin has been selected as the city with long tradition in the textile industry, a brand new plant is the first plant that produces synthetic yarns in the city.