Address: 40 Rajka Rakocevica st., Zrenjanin
Zrenjanin Phone: +381 23 501 238
Phone 2: +381 64 120 18 97
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- Repair, service and advice regarding compressors and pumps
- Purchase and sales of new compressors and pumps
Many years of experience in servicing and repair of compressors and pumps guarantee you the quality of our services.
"Toni Compressors" doo give you the opportunity in one place to solve the problem of industrial compressors and pumps, as well as their accessories.
We offer a complete solution to your every problem related to compressors and pumps.
Our clients receive a solution to every problem from experienced experts in this field, which guarantees the quality of our services.
"Toni Compressors" authorized representatives "Torr komresora" for Serbia and the region.