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    Electrical equipment, service and sales Zrenjanin

    Address: nn bulevar Milutina Milankovica, Zrenjanin


    STORE 1: BULEVAR LIBERATION 9 / 15 TEL 023/511-685 SHOP 2: LIBERATION BULEVAR BB TEL / FAX 023/538-213 and 511-691

    PINK IS THE TRADING FIRM THAT THERE IS MORE THAN 15 YEARS AND IT'S TIME HAS REPUTATION AND BECAME A LEADER IN THE MOST LOCAL SALE OF EQUIPMENT FOR THE BATH, DRAIN AND INSTALLATION OF PLUMBING Inlet, Screw GOODS, MISCELLANEOUS Eurostar Pipes PLETIVA, ladders, wheelchairs, household appliances and Many other products that are essential for every household. EXTRAORDINARY BUSINESS and kindness are the service guarantees that this company provides as witnessed by the number of satisfied customers that our DAILY Visits ...