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    Doors and windows Zrenjanin

    Address: 6 Koce Kolarova st., Zrenjanin
    Services available throughout Serbia Services available throughout Serbia
    Works out in the field Works out in the field


    First class and the only true class in PVC joinery in Serbia!

    Full offer of PVC joinery and accompanying program in one place.

    We can make any agreement and accept payment in installments.

    - PVC windows, doors, entrance doors to your size and measure
    - Segmented and roll-up garage doors, folding doors
    - Great selection of glass (low emission, Clima Guard, stained glass)

    Accompanying program

    Mosquito nets:

    - Roll-p
    - Fixated
    - Velcro

    Sliding systems:

    - Van system


    - Striped
    - Zebra
    - Roll-up
    - Venetian blinds

    In the sea of offers, the question arises how to choose the best, meaning the highest quality PVC joinery.

    What should you know?

    The main elements that affect the PVC joinery quality include:

    - the type of PVC profile and manufacturer
    - the metal framework
    - the glass
    - the company services (guarantee, servicing, setup)


    Seeing how PVC joinery is made out of plastic which in its nature is a light material, the weight of the profile itself speaks of the amount of plastic used for its production.

    Heavier profiles result in more security, resilience and longer lifespan.


    Every profile has its vertical spaces, the so-called air chambers, that are separated from one another with plastic.

    It’s precisely thanks to the air chambers that the PVC profiles contribute to good thermal and sound isolation as well as energy saving and cost reduction.

    If you want to know how many chambers a profile has, all you need to do is count the interior spaces from inside out or other way around it doesn’t matter.

    Today standing out for their quality are our German profiles usually with 5 chambers of 70-76mm width as well as 6 chambers with 83-88mm.

    Does a higher number of chambers mean better profile quality? No!

    Not unless the number of chambers is suitable to the profile girth.

    For example today in our market you can find Turkish PVC profiles with 5, 6, 7 and even 8 chambers with a girth of 5, 6, 7cm.

    Realistically speaking, the Turkish 8-chamber profile can’t stand up to a German 5-chamber profile because it’s thinner and the efficiency of the window and its isolation will be worse.


    In order to increase the endurance of PVC profiles and make sure that they can bear lighter or heavier glass, steel reinforcements play an important role in lining the central chamber of the profile.

    Two important things about them is that the profile has reinforcements of about 1,5-2mm thickness (recommended) while anything below that value is not recommended.

    Seeing how the reinforcements aren’t visible with a naked eye and are listed in the product specifications, it often happens that the producers line only one part of the chamber in order to save materials and charge regular prices.

    Non-professional manufacturers work knowing that in a few years they won’t be on the market anymore and therefore won’t have any responsibility about reinforcing their profiles.

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