Address: 1 dr Miroslava Tirsa st., Zrenjanin
Zrenjanin Phone: +381 62 496 088
Phone 2: +381 63 131 24 20
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New tobacco shop in town!

There are hand-rolling tobacco:

- Drum
- Pueblo
- Mohawk
- George Karelias and Sons
- Golden Virginia.

From pipe tobacco are:

- Stanwell
- Clan and Wolarsen

Also, we have many types of rolling papers:

- Quality rolling+
- Raw
- Zen
- Chills
- Elements
- Pure Hemp,
and reel for coiling, filters and pipes.

There are also various grinders, bongs, hookahs and flavorings for hookah.

Since cigars are offered Cafe Creme, Colts, Moods, Toscanella and many others.

In addition, in sale and Juicy Jay incense, Orbit gum, Fisherman's Friend and Mentos candy.

All for lovers of various puffs!