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    Aluminium, Polyvinyl (p.v.c.) Zrenjanin

    Address: 27 Hercegovacka st., Zrenjanin
    Delivery Delivery
    Works out in the field Works out in the field
    In business since: 2003.
    Through an administrative ban / installment

    We are a young family company founded in 2003 in Zrenjanin.

    The company “SB Roloplast” works in selling, installing and servicing systems for protection from exterior influences.

    Insisting on coordinating aesthetic and health needs of our clients where the emphasis is placed on protecting from harmful influences of solar beams in producing these products we use the most modern and highest quality materials and technologies.

    This is why we are able to satisfy all your needs.

    - Blinds
    - Venetian blinds
    - Striped curtains and roll curtains
    - Folding doors
    - Awning
    - Mosquito nets
    - Garage doors and protective bars
    - PVC joinery

    These products follow a modern design, comfort and quality. They have taken swing due to the market’s increasing need to protect the health of people as well as furnish their space adequately and with style. In addition some of these products are aimed towards preserving your privacy so that you can enjoy your time with your family.

    About the products:


    Blinds for windows, doors and terraces are made out of aluminum and PVC guidelines with a brush and guidelines from decapped tin.

    Metal parts are laminated in various colors.

    The blinds are made out of aluminum tin filled with polyurethane foam and of hard PVC. Boxes for storing the blinds are made out of hard PVC, aluminum and galvanized tin with and without thermal isolation. They can be exterior and interior.

    Venetian blinds

    Venetian blinds with a broad spectrum of colors have found application in: offices, schools, houses, apartments, glass surfaces and window displays.

    By rotating them they redirect sun beams.

    They are made out of aluminum stripes that are 25 and 16mm wide and can be installed between glass panes or wooden stripes that are 25-50mm wide.

    Venetian blinds are installed on the windows and doors with a flexible bat, door holder and string as well as a transparent bat with a redactor.

    Striped curtains

    Stripe curtains come in a broad spectrum of colors and designs have also found a use in various kinds of business and living spaces. They are easy to move and rotate depending on your wishes and needs. They can be moved:
    - To one side (one-part)
    - To both sides (two-part)

    They can be:
    - Fabric (89mm and 127mm)
    - PVC
    - Aluminium
    - Perforated

    Roll-up blinds

    Roll-up blinds are made using various materials both transparent and opaque, various colors and dimensions. The moving mechanism can be:
    - Hand-powered (spring or chain)
    - Electrical (switch, remote)

    We make everything according to your wishes and measurements in regular and roof windows.

    Folding doors

    The folding doors are made out of hard PVC as a single and two piece structure. They serve as separating walls for apartments, shops, hotels etc. Their function is to help warm the space in winter and reduce draft in the summer. With smaller rooms the folding doors have a significant role because it occupies a small space with opening. They are made and delivered per our buyer’s request.


    Awnings have found a use in covering terraces, entrances, gardens. They are made out of acrylic and PVC screens in various colors (one and multicolored) with printing or without. They can be even or angled. They can be moved manually or electrically (with or without sensors).  

    Mosquito nets

    Mosquito nets serve to repel mosquitoes and other insects. The frames can be made using aluminium plastic parts laminated in various colors. The net is made out of fiberglass. They are made as fixated for windows, roll-up blinds for windows and doors (with vertical and horizontal movement) as well as nets for doors with hinges. They can be installed in the window frames under the blinds or over them.

    Garage doors and protective bars

    Garage doors and protective bars have found their application in halls, workshops, shops and business spaces in bigger dimensions and higher ceilings. The box for storing the cover are made out of aluminum and galvanized, laminated tin in various colors. The cover can be aluminum, filled with polyurethane foam or galvanized shut or in the form of a net.

    PVC joinery

    Construction PVC joinery is made out of materials obtained from natural materials, salts, oil and boxite.

    PVC materials provide vast possibilities in making profiles. Profiles made out of PVC are permanent, durable and resistant to the influences of the weather. They are UV stable and have an air-chamber system. Their sealing is extremely efficient regardless of the climate conditions. The profile has very good thermal-isolation capabilities as well as a low quantifier of heat permission. The characteristics of PVC joinery include:
    - Longevity
    - Simple maintenance
    - Economic investment
    - Ecological suitability

    Profiles can be three-chamber, four-chamber and six-chamber (white, gray, walnut, golden oak and mahogany)

    The isolation glass is made as:
    - Float 4mm + 16 + 4mm float
    - Float 4mm + 16 + 4mm low emission
    - Float 4mm + 16 argon + 4mm low emission
    - Stop-sol 4mm + 16 + 4mm low emission
    - Stop-sol 4mm + 16 argon + 4mm low emission

    Stop-sol glass is used as thermal isolation glass in the summer has a beneficial solar effect.

    Depending on the strength of the color tone the stop-sol glass can eliminate between 49-77% of the solar energy.

    On the other hand it reduces the energy for cooling and the need of air-conditioning.

    Low-emission glass doesn’t allow the energy to leave the room.


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