Address: Branesci, Zlatibor
Zlatibor Phone: +381 31 831 887
4/ 5stars

At the crossroads towards two mountain beauty Zlatibor and Tara is located cafe NEAR LOJA. With a tradition spanning 34 years, the contents of the cafe is changed in accordance with the requirements of modern life, the suggestions of guests, but still retained the traditional spirit of Zlatibor.

TAVERN KOD LOJA began to build during 1977 Dragan Lojanica - Lojo.

Café soon became inevitable place of rest, refreshment and good food for a lot of drivers, travelers and unexpected.

Provided is a large parking lot for cars and buses.

During more than four decades of work, the building was repeatedly renovated, extended and amended facilities to its permanent order, as well as occasional visitors with as complete and better service.

The rich and first class takes its place and general store where visitors can by supplying the necessary little things for the trip.