Address: 324 Nikole Pasica st, Zajecar
Zajecar Phone: +381 19 424 680
Phone 2: +381 65 833 555 8
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The main activity is the importation of wine from Macedonia and packaging or packaging under our own brand Nicolas Wines .
As part of the production company owns the Italian automatic packaging line wine capacity 1,800 l / h .
Semi-automatic machine for closing cork stoppers and screw semi sealers .
The winemaking tanks has a capacity of over 30,000 l for wine storage .
Years of efforts , we have built a form in terms of packaging containers , so that we have a form recognizable to the market .
The second part of the firm has a set of machines for the production of cardboard packaging of different formats, also has a semi-automatic blow molding machine for PET bottles .
As part of that line is a great blower range from 300 million to bottles or containers with wide necks up to 18.5 l capacity , and production from 400 to 1,000 bottles per hour .
We are also producing flips the toy under their own brand , flips spell . The product has also become a recognized brand in Serbia and has a great turnout , ie . sale.
The fourth part of the company deals with import and distribution of cutting tools and cemented carbide inserts where the established cooperation with all domestic producers.
Company owes its success to its policy -led , quality and competitive prices of products on the market.
Speed, its promptness and fair relationship with their partners .
We also have more of their own vehicles to transport the goods to the customer.